About us

Our team has worked in the law, technology, higher education and in many roles across the private and public sectors. It’s where we’ve learned to ask questions, solve problems, manage budgets, think creatively, listen to others and work together.

Dan, Nick and Simon first met in startup circles and quickly bonded over real world problems they felt could be solved if they put their heads together.

In one of their first chats, they connected over some of their own conveyancing experiences that had not gone well.

Amongst the mess, poor communication and miscalculations had cost time, money and added unwanted stress to their busy lives.

And the more they asked around, the more they discovered they were not alone.

By piggybacking on industry trends and using new technology, our team has simplified the whole conveyancing experience to make it easier for anyone buying or selling property.

Settle Easy is designed for anyone and everyone – we want the conveyancing part of your property transaction to be easy.

You can use Settle Easy whenever it suits you. We will keep you updated at every stage of your transaction and for a fixed fee – we’ll get you settled, fast.